Before Christmas

I am alone in the living room, on the table wine and olives in the tv běžej Simpsni and the man at the Christmas party. I call it a relaxing evening. The tree is already embellished and all the gifts we got wrapped up and ready to pass. And because Christmas Francis with the scent of Jasmine had died down, light up the new. Critters contentedly next to, peer out from under the Duvet, I left the man and want to scratch.

On tv from eight give Top Gear Special, which I love! Pre-Christmas time for which a person can only dream of. Just sit back and not think (perhaps just what y says in the word think:D). I have a couple of days at home and critters can't get enough of me. The cat lies on me, so I write and barely purring and requires the cuddling. Yeah if they knew that in January frčím the training again …. I look forward to that! 🙂

Today was a great day. Delighted me to Mrs. Porter, who calls me into his Office, got the package, I took it Moničko. " Just honey. And yet he knows my name! The whole day ran away quickly and colleague because she had recently bought holiday cream puffs (the ones I have straaašně like) were really great!

After the pick me up man at work, we drove to pick up tickets to the Cinema city to StarWars-the force awakens in 3D, I'm looking forward to in 3Dčku it will be great. I bought a laptop, because I in my purse (I wear it because I keep for yourself, you never know when it might attack the inspiration), a little ošoupal. And Jesus told me, what do I get for Christmas … but I cannot reveal it to on Christmas day. 🙂 We purchased additional gifts and go home to rest. Well and in the rest I continue to … 😀 I deserve it. .. In addition, I'm pleased climbs into the head and goes to sleep on me, so hopefully I can hold out for Top Gearu to the end.

How to enjoy Christmas week? Because properly enjoy the days before Christmas is such a tradition, "my dad has to be off from 15.12. until the new year. It is what? 🙂

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