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, You don't believe, "she said, changed voice, love at first sight? In fatal attraction? In a collision of celestial bodies? " She held out her hands and put them on his shoulders. He took it at the waist. Faces to each other approached hesitantly, intently and carefully and when your lips together, it was so gently, as if they were afraid to try some very, very shy creatures.

Kings and Queens

They are the window to our souls, those missing particles of our I. The dessert for a perfect dinner and the last sweet drop of Frisca in the best moment of the debate. The last sentence that you need for a perfect story.


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The most valuable gift that can be given to anyone in the world, it is your time. Do you know why? Because it cannot be rolled back. And therefore, the promise, the end of life "really has a lot of weight.

Another chance

Every day you have a chance to change something, the chances of you gives the year 365. You can choose how the day and what you will do. If you work, what you enjoy is a great boss or tedious drudgery, where you can't see the end.